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What Came First:
The Circle or the Egg

Child's Play:

Child's Play:

Child's Play:
Wishful Thinking

Child's Play

Twenty-Three Plates


Twisty Snail's Trail


Feathery Star

Flowers in Orange Vase


Are We Safe?

Safety First

Safety Second



Other Quilts


Having been a quilt maker full-time for about thirty-five years, it stands to reason that I have done many things, experimented and worked in many styles and themes and I am hoping to add to that. I love to experiment and challenge myself and constantly find new problems to solve. Creativity is problem-solving and that is basically what I do every day.


This is a large and varied group, and it represents many of the styles and series that have been started. I use the term "series" loosely… Many artists start a series and explore until it is exhausted. I do not work that way. Part of the reason is due to my ADD issues and partly my curiosity.   My brain just will not stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. I find that working on one thing and in one style at a time does not fit. I usually have 3 or 4 things going at a time of different types and in various stages. One of my biggest motivators as far as finishing certain pieces is the all important deadline… where would any of us be without them?


In this section there are many series in different stages of development… They include, but are not limited to: Mandalas/Kaleidoscopes, Stars, Meditation Series and Child’s Play Series. While these are not being worked on right now, I fully expect to have more added to each category sometime soon.


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